Andy Thornton,
Sunflower Girl
(Dubious, 2005)

We have little information about Andy Thornton other than his voice and the lyrics on the 10 tracks of Sunflower Girl but, to be honest, they are enough.

"Shake the Moon Down" is a strong opener reminiscent of big show songs but with more thoughtful lyrics. A love song of sorts follows called "He Does Not Deserve You," while one of my favourite tracks is the rather slow to start "Crashing & Burning." The album closes with "Safely Home," another very professionally written and performed song.

Thornton shows great potential as a writer and performer, but my single criticism would be that most of his tracks take a little too long to ignite. Nice introductory music is all very well, but if you delay too long you could lose your listeners.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

27 October 2007

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