Thomas Thorpe,
Darmon Mysteries #4: Night Wind to Bahia
(Port Town, 2003)

Night Wind to Bahia is set in 1833 and is about the adventures of the Darmon family, who survive a cholera outbreak while in a violent storm at sea. They finally reach shore, the coast of Bahia, where they have to face new challenges and dangers. Will they manage to fight against odds and go back home? Will they all escape from the local political conspiracy they get involved in and survive?

The story is well written and the language is complex but clear, and full of literary devices. Ample adjectives invoke vivid images that enhance the plot. There is a mix of adventure, action and mystery. Author Thomas Thorpe has excellent storytelling skills and the plot is exciting, fast-paced and gripping. There is vivid description of scenes and strong characters, such as William and Charles, and the author uses a great deal of local language (Portuguese) throughout the narrative.

This story would be ideal for a movie -- it has all the ingredients needed. It is also steeped in history, and it caters to all the family, fiction and adventure lovers.

Thorpe is the project manager of NASA's Mars Global Surveyor Mission at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and a professor of astronomy at Glendale College. He has written a series of Darmon family novels. He lives in Los Angeles with his family.

review by
Liana Metal

16 February 2008

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