Thomas Thorpe,
The Patriote Proposition
(Port Town, 2003)

The third book of the Darmon mystery series is set in British North America in 1833. The arrival of an empty carriage sets intrepid Elizabeth Darmon on a rough-and-tumble search for her missing family. The fast-moving story is stitched together with the mysterious political intrigue of the Patriotes, a group determined to set the country free from British rule.

When her missing brother-in-law, Charles, is unwittingly recruited by the separatist group, Elizabeth realizes that her family is in more danger than she could have imagined. The story flies along at a gallop as family members try to find each other in rough towns and over rugged terrain -- an impossible task, it seems, when Elizabeth discovers a woman pretending to be her, and that Charles has lost his memory.

The Patriote Proposition is a fun, fast read (just short of 200 pages) and fans of historical fiction will enjoy the detail and period description of eastern Canada in the early 1800s. Thomas Thorpe really enjoys writing his Darmon family saga and three other books follow the family adventures in various locales. For more information about these books visit or the author's own website at

review by
Mark Bromberg

22 December 2007

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