Martha Tilston,
(Squiggly, 2005)

On Bimbling we get a collection of songs on love and life delivered as only Martha Tilston can. Here is a unique voice bringing enchanting new songs, which will mesmerize listeners from the opening track "Space" and keep you enthralled with the lyrics and arrangement on through to the final "Fire Wood."

Listening to "Red," I am reminded of films like Company of Wolves and books by Marina Warner and Angela Carter. Martha brings us into a haunting world of fairy tales for adults. She continues in the same vein on "Mary and the Prince" to great effect.

"Over to Ireland" is another excellent track, which is introduced by a sound bite, as most of the others are, this time like a group setting up for a session. A favourite song for me is "Cycles," with its lyrical word pictures.

The only song not from Martha's own pen and mind is "Sprig of Thyme." She gives this a beautiful interpretation in all of 20 seconds.

The insert contains some beautiful paintings by the singer, relating to the tracks. Unfortunately she does not include the lyrics.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 12 March 2005