Dave Tilton,
The Late Our
(D-Side, 2005)

The Late Our is available to download, so the packaging on the review CD is decidedly sparse, not giving much information on the content other than the titles. This is, after all, the last ever release on D-Side Records.

All tracks except one are from the pen of Dave Tilton. In addition, he played all the instruments and did all the arranging and engineering. The songs are well written with thoughtful lyrics, and the sound achieved is excellent.

The tracks vary from nice little songs of around one minute to nine-minute mini-epics. In general I enjoyed this album, although there are few stand-out tracks.

Wait a minute, there is a track that sticks in my mind, and it is a weird version of "The Parting Glass" with a subtitle, "78 version." Maybe he explains it somewhere online, but I cannot understand why he did what he did to a great song.

by Nicky Rossiter
16 December 2006