Like the mythical phoenix, Timothy Keene, one of the first reviewers for Rambles.NET, returns to the staff a little older, a little wiser, but still bringing a no-holds-barred honest opinion and an acerbic wit to his reviews. Tim grew up in both California and Georgia, and he lives in San Antonio, Texas with his dog and two cats. Professionally, he works for a server hosting company as a systems administrator, and in his free time he works out, enjoys the local music scene in both San Antonio and Austin, spends the little free time he has getting into trouble with friends, romping around the city and surrounding area with his camera, entering karaoke contests, but most importantly enjoying life and all it has to offer.

In regards to all media, be it music, movies or the written word, Tim has one philosophy -- you can always learn more. He enjoys music from all ages and countries, whether it be blues, jazz, folk, motown, punk, rock or spiritual. He enjoys movies of all kinds, be they major blockbusters, foreign films or low-budget independent films, although nothing makes him happier than locking the door and delving into an all-day Kurosawa movie marathon or Godzilla kaiju fest. Luckily, the pets never seem to mind.

Reviews by Tim include:

Aionios II

Thirsty Desert

Burgandy Brown
My Lucky 13

Chuck Durfor

Great Northern
Low Lonesome

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The Wayback

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Through the Concrete & The Rocks

Simon Mayor
New Celtic Mandolin

Kent McDaniel
About Time

Corky Siegel
Solo Flight: 1975-1980

Peter Smith Quartet
Caliente & Cool

Jeff Talmadge
Secret Anniversaries

Under the Mediterranean Sky

various artists
Blues for a Rotten Afternoon

Brooks Williams
Little Lion

Fred Saberhagen
Ariadne's Web

Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me

Dragon Wars

Godzilla 2000

Highlander IV: Endgame


Lock, Stock, & Two Smoking Barrels

The Mummy

Plunkett & Macleane


Sleepy Hollow