Eric Tingstad,
(Cheshire, 2007)

Eric Tingstad with this CD ventures into new territory, the American Southwest. He keeps his ultra-peaceful style, however, so listeners who enjoy Tingstad & Rumbel will surely like this CD. Nancy Rumbel appears, along with others including new age stars Gary Stroutsos on native flute and pianist David Lanz.

Tingstad shows a lot of variety on these nine tracks. "Sunrise at Four Corners" and "Trails End," the first and last ones, are ambient flute and guitar journeys. Petra Stahl adds Indian chants on "Voices of the Ancient Ones" and "Rhythm of the Desert."

"The Last Caballero" is South of the Border cowboy music, with Terry Lauber providing pedal steel flourishes. "Walking in Both Worlds" features Lauber and Murl Allen Sanders on accordion. "Kiwa (Hear the Wind Blow)" is like a Tingstad & Rumbel tune, with Rumbel on woodwinds, but with the addition of new-agey vocals by Stahl and native percussion.

The desert is known as a place for peaceful meditation, and the same can be said for this thoughtful CD.

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review by
Dave Howell

21 July 2007

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