Tiny Tin Lady,
Ridiculous Bohemia
(Ttl, 2008)

This all-girl group from Liverpool has an infectious sound and a wonderfully irreverent take on their music that will refresh the genre if they get sufficient exposure.

Sadly, they do not make life easy for the reviewer with this great collection of songs that are composed in the main by group member Danni Gibbins, with some assistance from her sister Beth. It would be nice to have the lyrics included, especially to allow the listener to absorb the full impact of some very cleverly written words. (Apparently have gotten the hint, the band promises their lyrics soon on their website.)

This clever use of language is hinted at by the title of track two, "Anti-Social Sciences." The intriguing trend continues with songs like "Dubble Bummage" and "Seven Weeks of Strip Poker." The former track has a lovely bright and breezy delivery to lift the spirits. The title track continues in this vein with a wonderful beat that will have the most lethargic listener toe-tapping along to the almost country sound. I particularly enjoyed the nicely titled "Love is a Duet."

The CD closes with a bit of product placement on "My Heineken Keg." I hope the brewery appreciates it and rewards them. You can reward their creativity and your discerning ear by seeking out this refreshing album.

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review by
Nicky Rossiter

11 April 2009

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