Writings by Tom include:



Art as prayer.

Being in a band.

Bolton makes a pitch for charity.

Building the Lilith Fair.

Buying a small piece of history.

Ceol: living music history.

A Classic rock.

Columbine Paintball.

The cult of Anna Nicole.

Paula Danziger: sdrawkcab gnitirw.

A dog's life: Casey.

A dog's life: Morgan.

Doolin for music.

Drumming for peace.

Educational cliche: spelling.

Elk Neck: the northern edge of the Chesapeake.

Ephrata, Pennsylvania: shopping the Green Dragon.

Fatal procrastination.

Fiddles with wolves.

Harry Flournoy: how the court ruled on race.

Folk Music & Fiddlers Society: a circle of folks.

A Fragile planet.

Vicki Getz: world in peril.

Governor Dick: a view of five counties.

Gram: a life lived well.

Gram: waving goodbye.

The Humane League: the truth about cats and dogs.

Judique, Cape Breton: the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre.

Love hurts?

Michael Kaire: Snapshots.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania: the Anderson Pretzel Bakery.

Roseann Finucane Lawrence: a finger on the pulse of the president.

Let's all get up and dance....

M&M/Mars: mmm-chocolate!

A Montana ramble.

Nicole Morouse: Barack Obama's words are in her hands.

My job sucks?

A Mystic experience.

Nature from a cage.

Ode to a seatbelt.

On the good ship Cutty Sark.

On Walden Pond.

Pack out your trash.

A Passing stage?


Reading, writing and foreign trade.

Renaissance actors.

The Rise and fall and rise of William Shakespeare.

Salem, Massachusetts: which witches?

Serpentine barrens: another world.

Sign language.

Snow & circumstance.

Starry eyes.

Stasja & Molly.

Stockton Springs, Maine.

A Tale of two fiddles.

The Tell-tale heart, an actor's tale.

There be whales here!

Tinicum marshlands: an inner-city wilderness.

A 21st-century day of infamy.

Two for the road.

Weird Al Yankovic: egg on my face.

When movies are short.

William Taylor White: finding the boy in the iron casket.

Andrew Wyeth: a painter's farewell.

Yes, Molly, there is a Santa Claus.

Rob Evans (art review)