Shizue Tomoda,
(Booksurge, 2007)

Shizue Tomoda, born in Japan, was educated in both Japan and the USA. Sachiko is her second book.

This story is set both in Japan and the United States. It is about a teenage Japanese girl, Sachiko, who fights against odds to travel to America and find herself. Her parents object to her leaving Japan, but Sachiko is determined to go. She flies to America and finds herself in a completely unfamiliar environment. How will she cope with her new life? Will she be able to survive away from her family? How long will she stay?

The heroine is a courageous female who seeks love as well as her place in the world. Her journey in life is full of surprises, and the plot helps to reveal and discuss important issues such as women's independence, racism, politics and romance.

Sachiko's involvement with a German student changes her life for good. The author examines love through a microscope and tries to analyze the way male and female partners think about this issue, and the story is full of the author's ideas on a variety of topics that may motivate readers to think.

Above all, this book is a journey into the Japanese lifestyle and culture, and it is extremely educational as well as entertaining. The story is written in a sensitive way, from a woman's point of view, and will make readers feel attached to Sachiko and her adventures in life.

Packed with interesting details about Japanese and American lifestyles, this book is moving, entertaining and a real page-turner! It's a perfect read for those who wish to discover the similarities of different civilizations around the world.

review by
Liana Metal

5 July 2008

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