Donnacha Toomey,
(Toomstone, 2005)

They say that good things come in small parcels. This CD is small, good and well parcelled. It is a three-track CD that promises great things on a future full album.

Donnacha Toomey hails from County Limerick and a background steeped in music. The genetics of that music tradition show through on these songs. The writing and production are ably complemented by a strong but also gentle voice.

My favourite track of the three is "Deep Rooted." The accompaniment is just right with, I believe, cello and guitar. The title track is slightly more up-tempo and it is also a very good song.

The great disappointment of the album is that we only get a little over 10 minutes of musical magic. I look forward to a full album soon, but in the meantime get online to look for this taster.

by Nicky Rossiter
19 November 2005