Jim Tozier,
Solo Guitar
(Solid Air, 2005)

The 16 tracks on Jim Tozier's acoustic Solo Guitar CD are gentle and low-key. They are like scattered meditations, moments remembered in tranquility.

All the grooves take the listener on a ride on Tozier's musical stream of consciousness. The tracks reveal many musical influences. Some, like "The Water-Crossers" and "The Copper Waltz," have a Celtic groove. "Dalliance of the Eagles" has both Native American and flamenco echoes, and you might actually feel as if you're soaring overhead with them as you listen.

"The Sheffield Shuffle" is a neat little blues guitar number that feels like an improvised journey to an internal place. "Riverwind" reminded me of California's Santa Ana winds, capturing the power and dread one feels when those eerie winds begin to blow. The subtle Appalachian folk feel of "Trinity" almost demands an accompanying mandolin, and the Elizabethan sounding "Sleight of Hand/The Magicians Jig" makes the listener want to drag out the old lute and dance in King Henry VII's court.

This is a really gentle, sweet acoustic album and is highly recommended.

by Carole McDonnell
12 November 2005

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