Sue Trainor,
Under Tables, Out Back Doors
(SOUPer Music, 1999)

Kids can wake up to snappy "Morning Rhythms" with Sue Trainor's Under Tables, Out Back Doors. This delightful children's sing and play-along features the sweet, lively voice of Sue Trainor, along with the University Park Elementary School (U.P.E.S.) Singers.

Catchy tunes and snappy rhythms will get children singing and dancing in short order. "The Bear Missed the Train," "Purple Giraffe" and "Alligator Jump" are sure to be favourites with any child.

"Alligator jump, alligator slide
All the alligators like to move from side to side
Alligator grunt, alligator giggle
All the alligators like to turn around and wiggle."

Following along is fun with "Just Act Naturally" (about sneezing), "The Person Next to You" "Polka Peek-a-boo" (following directions) and "Chesapeake" (being an echo). Dreaming along is delightful with "What If...," where children imagine being things like a horse, a bear, a crocodile, a thunder and just themselves. Listening is lovely with "Tiddalick the Frog," a retelling of an Australian folk tale, complete with a lyrical nonsense refrain: "Tiddalick-a-billabong, billabong dry, Tiddalick-a-billabong, billabong dry!"

Last, but not least, falling asleep to the soft serenade of "Whispers in Your Pillow" makes bedtime "not-such-a-bad time." Remember, tomorrow is another day, to sing, dance and play, Under Tables, Out Back Doors.

[ by Lynne Remick ]

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