Kathy Tyers,
Shivering World
(Bethany House, 2004)

While the premise of Shivering World is intriguing -- a sick scientist named Graysha Brady-Phillips goes to a colony named Goddard seeking an illegal genetic cure -- it's the details that make it VERY interesting. Here are a few of the broader details:

Detail 1: Graysha is the daughter of the militant commissioner whose job is to punish those tampering with human genetics.

Detail 2: Goddard is a young planet being terraformed, yet its temperature is cooling instead of warming.

Detail 3: Some of Graysha's fellow employees fear she may stumble on their true scientific research.

Detail 4: Some of the colonists don't want Graysha on their planet and will go to nefarious means to ensure she leaves -- one way or another....

Although a bit slow in starting, Shivering World is a very entertaining read. The characters are very complex and sympathetic (even the mean ones). The relationships are thoughtfully explored and constantly changing with culminating events. Author Kathy Tyers really makes you care for Graysha, even if it's maddening of the author to let you know what's coming even if Graysha doesn't.

Shivering World has a LOT to offer. There's a murder-mystery (along with several murder attempts), a planet-wide scientific conspiracy, two parent-child relationship dramas, gender-role reversal, bio-religious ethical dilemmas, corporate bureaucratic commentary AND a love story. What else do you need? Oh, yeah -- a copy of this book.

- Rambles
written by C. Nathan Coyle
published 28 August 2004

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