Karmyn Tyler,
Karmyn Tyler
(self-produced, 2004)

Actress, singer and songwriter Karmyn Tyler's eponymous debut album is a collection of show tunes. The Texan has a voice full of power, and her awesome delivery makes this a very enjoyable record.

Her take on George Gershwin's standard "Summertime" is full-on. Opening slowly, the big band kicks in with the swing and Karmyn's vocals stretch their considerable wings. She belts it out with more than a touch of class. Producer Chris Meeks' arrangements are good throughout the album, but here they are particulary good, especially on the break when Bud Guin's guitar solo explodes out of the speakers.

"When You Wish Upon a Star," from Disney's Pinocchio, highlights Karmyn's ability to do subtlety. Unhurried, almost whispered, the song floats along on a lovely piano melody. "Big Time" is exactly what it says on the liner. You can almost imagine the zoot-suited band playing those horns!

Sometimes, recordings cannot do justice to singers of Karmyn Tyler's ilk. The live setting is her natural milieu and that can be hard to get on disc. But she has pulled it off here.

by Sean Walsh
29 July 2006

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