various artists,
Classic Cool
(Nardis, 2004)

This album is the second in a series of compilations from Nardis Music. This particular release has some tracks from the Nardis Music catalogue as well as selections intended to fit the theme. What is the theme? Lounge, bebop, scat, R&B, classic jazz, international -- it don't matter. If it's cool, it fits.

You want classic Gershwin? Check out Joy Dragland on "Summertime." Desire some international flavor? There's "These Foolish Things" by the sexy sultry voice of Parisian chaunteuse Clementine. If you're in a mood for some old-school bebop 'n' scat, there's Gege Telesforo's rendition of Dizzy Gillespie's "Oo Shoo Be Doo Be." For great instrumentals, especially a kickin' saxophone, check out "Walk Pretty" by Ben Sidran and the Bob Rockwell Quartet.

Or, if you're expecting multiple layers to your music, there's "Doodlin'" by Georgie Fame. The lyrics, the instruments, the vocals -- every aspect of the song -- take a somewhat erratic path for a slightly freeform musical effect. It harkens to improvisational jazz, but is more subtle. Actually, the musical style of "Doodlin'" would fall in-between formal jazz and improvised bebop/scat, just like actual doodling would fall between representative art and abstract art.

You seeking somethin' sassy and delightfully naughty? Listen to, but don't look at, the "Wrong Key Hole" by Di Anne Price. This is one of those songs that will make you sway your shoulders, tap your foot and occasionally nod your head. (Well, at least the ladies will be nodding. Guys, just hope she's not singin' about you!) This would be my vote for the best track on the album.

Regardless of what you're wanting, this compilation album will surely please. The title says it all. It's classic and cool and definitely worth it.

- Rambles
written by C. Nathan Coyle
published 23 October 2004

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