various artists,
Ruby Sessions
(Rubyworks, 2003)

Ruby Sessions is a good showcase of new Irish talent. The performers tell us a little about themselves and the music is new.

Fionn Regan opens the proceedings with "After the Fall," a very good song with a nice quiet backing. "Sometimes" from Babelfish has an ethereal sound. I liked the opening -- and the rest of -- Margaret Healy's song "Something Real."

"No Place to Hide" opens with some nice guitar playing, and Declan O'Rourke's rendition of his own composition will hold your attention. It is an interesting tale. "Rachel" from Neosupervital has a marvelous sound that I found mesmerising. It does not have an Irish parochial feel but reminded me of west coast America with psychedelic rock in the background.

I was caught by the title of the offering called "Fat Liar" from the unusually named Drat. "Kill Me Quickly" by Duke Special has a Beatlesesque echo that makes it a very nice song to hear.

This is a difficult album to categorise. It is one of those albums that will appeal to many people but may be difficult to find. These performers need to be heard and it is up to true music lovers to seek them out.

by Nicky Rossiter
1 October 2005