Saxman Greg Vail,
The Gospel Truth ReVisited
(self-produced, 2006)

As the saying goes, "If you like sax you will love this." Over a dozen tracks on The Gospel Truth ReVisited, saxman Greg Vail gives us a wonderful collection of tunes that will inspire, haunt and relax you in turn.

It seems unusual to find a jazz album that is basically a spiritual musical journey. We are programmed to think of the genre connected to smoky bars and a rather decadent, bourbon-soaked lifestyle, but Vail reclaims the music for the soul.

As the title suggests, this is an album of praise for God with tracks like "Embrace God's Way" and "Only the Lord of Love." There may not be a stand-out hit single track here, but the collection is well worth a listen. It puts paid to the belief that "the devil has all the best tunes."

by Nicky Rossiter
13 January 2007

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