Joan D. Vinge,
Return to Oz
(Ballantine, 1985)

Return to Oz is clearly a novelization of the Disney film. Joan D. Vinge did a good job with it, as far as I can tell, not having seen the film -- and honestly, based on the pictures included, I'm not that interested in seeing the film.

I've read a lot of the canon Oz books, and this one fits in OK in terms of tome and attitude.

Frankly, I only read this because Vinge wrote it. And after reading it, I regret even more that too many brilliant, creative SF/F writers waste their time and considerable talents on this type of work, rather than creating new and exciting stories.

It is fine for what it is. I'd just rather have something original from Vinge.

book review by
Amanda Fisher

1 March 2014

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