Paula Volsky,
The Sorcerer's Lady
(Ace, 1986)

Expecting something with the richness of Illusion, I was decidedly disappointed when I finished The Sorcerer's Lady.

The setting was intriguing, but somewhat sketchy. I didn't like any of the characters -- Verran, the protagonist, alternated between making very obviously bad choices, acting impetuously or whining to her husband that she could be trusted and could stay with him. She demonstrated neither resourcefulness nor individuality, and in comparison to Illusion's Eliste, showed woefully little character growth. Nor was her husband much better -- little more than a stone statue who never seemed really human. Consequently, their romance was pitifully thin and unexciting.

On the other hand, there was a good deal of suspense and court intrigue, which was enough to give me a reason to finish the book. Still, unless you're a die-hard Volsky fan, I wouldn't recommend this. Read Illusion or The Gates of Twilight instead.

by Jennifer Mo
4 November 2006

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