Tracy Weber,
Karma's a Killer
(Midnight Ink, 2016)

Tracy Weber's Karma's a Killer is the third in a series of fun, somewhat yoga-related mysteries, though it's the first in the series I've read. Weber gives us enough backstory to make the events here make sense, while still making me curious about the events in the first two novels. Nicely done!

I really liked the appearance here of various animal rescue organizations, wildlife rehabilitation and the crows. Weber was careful to be accurate in all of these.

The murder mystery, though, is somewhat less satisfying. I don't want to spoil it, but the explanation in the end seemed less than adequate to me.

Weber does have skill in writing even secondary characters that pop off the page. I very much enjoyed all of them, and she did a good job keeping them all separate, with diverse agendas.

This book is recommended for fans of cozy mysteries, especially if one is tired of the protagonists in such being doormats.

book review by
Amanda Fisher

20 February 2016

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