Tina Whittle,
Deeper Than the Grave
(Poisoned Pen Press, 2014)

Deeper Than the Grave is the fourth book in Tina Whittle's Tai Randolph series, and it is probably not a good place to start. Many of the subplots, especially the personal interactions, build on events previously in the series and, as a newcomer, it was hard for me to find my feet.

Still, once I did, it is a gripping and exciting story. Old histories collide with new events in ways that get ever more dangerous ... and the weather does not cooperate.

I admit I do not really get the motivation behind the primary plot of the mystery, or the individual motivations behind several of the antagonists. Still, it's well-paced and at least plausible, and the locale is an integral component -- it all had to happen, specifically, there on the outskirts of Atlanta.

I cannot judge the pacing of the secondary romance and character development, though; it's clear that this is building on the previous books. Still, it seems solid from what I know. Both Tai and Trey have issues, and at least some of these are addressed. While both are competent, they are not supernaturally so, and their flaws and skills are in good balance.

As a minor quibble -- although I am hardly an expert in security systems -- some of the "tech" issues did not seem to make sense to me in terms of how such things actually work. I could certainly be wrong, but it made me wonder.

This book is mildly recommended for people familiar with Atlanta, or interested in Civil War issues in the present day ... especially if you want to start earlier in the series.

book review by
Amanda Fisher

11 July 2015

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