Tamara Wilhite,
Humanity's Edge
(Blu Phi'er, 2006)

Humanity's Edge is a collection of short stories set in the distant future, on other planets. Tamara Wilhite, an engineer and professional technical writer as well as fiction writer, writes about the problems humans will meet then and what life will be like at that time. Through her stories the author tries to answer the question: What makes one human?

In 13 short stories that all are very interesting, Wilhite makes the reader think about what the future might hold for humanity. Can we do anything to prevent the deterioration? Can we save the Earth and maintain our unique identity as humans? What is going to happen at the distant colonies people will set up? Who is going to survive, if anyone?

A lot of questions must be answered, and this short collection is a good and useful read for all the humans on Earth. It will motivate thinking, and via the suspense and mystery of each story we are called to perceive a possible future that is not at all positive. Wilhite's view is not fatalistic though. Her point of view is justified by the destruction people cause to Earth, such as the pollution, which one day in the future might exterminate our descendants.

The first story, "New Beginnings," is my favorite. Apart from being gripping until the very end, it is also moving and seems so real. That is Wilhite's recipe: truthful characters and good dialogue that make up a lively story, plus suspense and vivid description. The sketches throughout the book are the enjoyable work of the artist Robert Holsonbake.

Humanity's Edge caters to all science fiction lovers regardless of one's age.

book review by
Liana Metal

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