Connie Willis,
All Clear
(Spectra, 2010)

Stop. Did you read Blackout? If not, go do so now. It's an excellent book, and All Clear will make no sense without it.

For everyone else, we're picking up right where Blackout left off. Polly, Mike and Eileen remain trapped in 1940 searching for a way home to 2060 and praying for rescue. No drops are working, and the rescue team has not made contact, unless they are the three extra bodies buried in the rubble beneath Padgett's Department Store....

As events continue to unfold slightly other than expected, the three begin to panic, wondering if their research is incorrect -- or has history actually changed? Bombed out of Mrs. Rickett's, they take up residence in an abandoned house. With them are the irrepressible children Binnie and Alf, both Blitz plane experts and all-around survivors.

Of course, Mr. Dunworthy makes an appearance (with shocking news of doom!) ... and Colin is in for big changes, maybe even love?

All Clear is the satisfying, fascinating conclusion to this two-part story (which, according to Willis, is ONE book published in two volumes). Thankfully, all questions are answered and all storylines are resolved. (I would've lost my mind if they hadn't been!)

These books were so engrossing, so good, it's going to be a while before I read anything else without saying, "Eh, it's no Connie Willis."

book review by
Katie Knapp

18 December 2010

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