Jenine Wilson,
The Shadow Within
(Jenson, 2006)

Jenine Wilson, a legal assistant by day, a wife and mother of two boys, is also an author.

The story starts at Leeland High School where Jessie, the heroine, faces bullying from other students, especially from Reece, king of the football team. Her efforts to keep a low profile and remain unnoticed fail 'til one day, a new student, Wesley, becomes her best friend and protects her. But she soon notices eerie things happening at school concerning Wesley and his twin brother, Brian. She cannot decide whether to rely on him or not, despite the fact she is falling in love with him. When Reece is unexpectedly possessed and tries to kill her, she realizes her life is in danger, but still she cannot stay away from Wesley. Who is to blame for all this mess? What is going to happen to Jessie? Is Wesley going to protect her or let her be killed?

The Shadow Within is a great mystery story that makes the readers turn the pages until they reach the very end. It has suspense and thriller elements that will excite readers of all ages, and the subtle romance involved enhances the unpredictable plot. There are also issues involving bullying at schools, divorced parents' problems and alcoholism that are worth mentioning. Thus, the aforementioned combination makes this book interesting to read, easy to follow and exciting to the very last page. The artwork on the front and back covers is wonderful, and this is a great advantage for a book as it is attractive to the reader at first sight.

Undoubtedly, Jenine Wilson's fiction is captivating.

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review by
Liana Metal

15 March 2008

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