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The Artists from Our Freshman Year:
Winona Folk Acoustic Music Concerts

(independent, 2004)

Lake Winona, Winona Ryder, Winona, Minnesota, to name a few of the multiplicity of Winonas that abound and abide in these United States. Route 66, the sine qua non of highway songs, was immortalized by Nat King Cole and the Manhattan Transfer, to name a few. As a former resident of Winona, Minnesota, I can unequivocally state that Winona is a happening name. It gives me great pleasure, then, to invite listeners into a Lake Winona Civic Association CD from The Artists from Our Freshman Year.

So here we are: a local group in Lake Winona, New Jersey, has produced a CD that honors some fine local musicians, and the music is wonderful.

There are 20 artists featured on this CD, which was compiled through volunteer efforts and was made to commemorate the concerts performed during the first year of Winona Folk. Within the liner notes are the artists' names and songs, as well as an address for both snail and e-mail.

The musical genres are as varied as the artists themselves. Dan Pelletier sounds amazingly reggae-like, a la Ziggy Marley, on "Big Red Apple." Another artist, Elaine Silver, sings a rich, Celtic-themed song in "Spirit Within Me." The Chenille Sisters would be proud to sing along with Kathy Moser in her "Shopping Mall Redemption," which could be a call-to-arms for those that shop, and like it.

The Artists from Our Freshman Year features 20 songs, with music quality that is pure, well-produced and worth a listen while you find your own Lake Winona or its variation. Enjoy.

by Ann Flynt
27 January 2007

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