at Unity Centre for the Performing Arts,
Unity, Maine
(23 July 2004)

On July 23, the Scottish band Wolfstone brought its innovative groovy Highlands trad-rock to Unity for their debut Maine performance.

Like many in the converted barn at the Unity Centre for the Performing Arts, we weren't sure what to expect from Wolfstone -- the tunes we'd heard on the radio were rollicking renditions of traditional tunes, but the stage was set for a rock show with electric guitars, Alyn Coskers's full drum kit, even an electric fiddle. But wait -- bagpipes?

Fiddler Duncan Chisholm greeted the crowd and started the first of many tape loops that would accompany the band, bringing a modern groove to the traditional tunes. The lads mixed in many of lead guitarist/vocalist Stuart Eaglesham's original songs, which ranged from acoustic ballads to rockers; unfortunately, it was hard to make out the lyrics from our balcony seats.

Stevie Saint's pipes were featured on "Elav the Terrible" (which can be heard on the band's website); it's a terrifying yet engaging tune!

Duncan encouraged the crowd to dance and many folks made their way down front to boogie to melodic tunes such as "Black Dog." Singing was also encouraged, and Stuart taught us the chorus to "Geronimo's Cadillac," a high point of the second set.

The second set was looser than the first, featuring more stories about the songs, and such interesting adventures as singing songs they didn't know and songs that required two singers to hit all the notes (bassist Ross Hamilton sang the lowest parts).

Thunderous applause was rewarded with a three-tune encore including a disco tune and a chill-out song from Stornoway, a balanced end to a delightful evening.

- Rambles
written by Michelle Doyle
published 18 September 2004

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