Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings,
In Concert
(Inakustik, 2002)

During three decades of holding the bottom end with Charlie Watts in the classic foursome that made up the Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman became a legendary bass player in rock 'n' roll. Along with Watts, Wyman supplied understated, subtle rhythms that upheld the theatrics of Jagger and Richards.

In this concert recorded in Germany, Wyman fills an analogous role in Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings. Among the stars Wyman allows to shine brighter at this gig are the ultimate rockabilly and country-rock sideman Albert Lee, versatile drummer Graham Broad (Polecats, Mike Oldfield, Culture Club) and keyboardist Gary Brooker (Procol Harum).

Underscoring Wyman's background role even in his own group, he does not sing. However, there are a lot of talented vocalists on hand, including gospel-blues-jazz vocalist Terry Taylor from previous Wyman solo albums, Beverly Skeetes (Boy George) and Janice Hoyte (Bill Wyman's Groovin', Pete Townshend's Iron Man). Highlight performances include "I Put a Spell on You," "Mystery Train" and "Hello Little Boy."

[ by Tom Schulte ]
Rambles: 23 November 2002

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