The Christmas Wife
directed by David Jones
(Delta, 1988)

It is not often that the Canadians disappoint me with their entertainment efforts, but The Christmas Wife did exactly that. It was a huge ... enormous ... colossal disappointment. Worse still, they had a great storyline, but let it totally collapse.

This is the first year since John's wife of 35 years passed away. He has been struggling with the adjustment. Now his son announces there is no sense in paying for four plane tickets for his wife and kids to come to the family cabin in the woods when there is no family left. Instead, they want John (Jason Robards) to fly to their house for Christmas.

John notices an ad for "Alone Again," an agency that introduces singles. John goes to the office to inquire about a companion to spend Christmas weekend with him. He specifies that there will be different bedrooms. He simply wants companionship.

The matchmaker introduces Iris (Julie Harris). She tells John that a condition of her acceptance is "no questions." Away they go to the cabin, which is actually a large place with a porch overlooking the lake. The closest neighbor is three miles away.

From the beginning, both Iris and the matchmaker seem like they are hiding something. There is something just not right about them. You keep waiting for something to happen ... and waiting ... and waiting ... and ....

Nothing happens until the very end. I have never seen a movie more flatlined than this one. It does nothing and goes nowhere. You should pick up on the answer to the mystery immediately. I did. So even that is a disappointment.

Of all the movies I have ever watched, I believe this is the most boring. If not, I must have slept completely through the most boring without realizing I watched it. Too bad I did not sleep completely through this one!

review by
Alicia Karen Elkins

20 December 2008

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