Marly Youmans,
(Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2005)

You know you have read a wonderful book when at the end you are completely disappointed you're finished and seriously considering starting the story all over again just to stay a little longer in that world. That is exactly how I feel now that I have finished Ingledove. I want more!

Ingledove is a young orphaned girl who, at the insistence of a mystic caretaker, sets out with her older brother, Lang, on an adventure to visit their mother's grave. But as they cross the flooded waters where their home used to be and begin to explore beyond the grave, they come to a land that seems in another time and place. It's called Adantis.

When Lang begins to follow the call of a mysterious woman, their travels lead them to seek out the Witchmaster, a man of the highest magical and healing power, and their adventure gets more dangerous, more magical and more beautiful.

What a wondrous place Marly Youmans has created, an alternate world that exists nestled in the mountains of Tennessee -- not quite hidden, but rarely found, a Brigadoon that never disappears. The inhabitants have the mixed blood of the Cherokee, Scots and Irish; the result is powerful magic and mysticism and a land where anything is possible.

The characters and the scenery are written with such depth and detail, I could picture every scene and person like I was in the pages with them. I was a willing captive in Adantis. While the story was making me want to read faster and turn the pages quicker, I forced myself to slow down to savor the journey; to enjoy and prolong my visit to this magical place. I am completely enchanted with a goofy smile on my face, and hoping I can visit Adantis and Ingledove and the rest again, soon.

review by
Cherise Everhard

5 April 2008

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