Deliciosa #5
by Liz

Liz intended for this to be her issue about the concept of home -- but somewhere along the way, it changed. So, we find within these pages, did she.

I've been a Deliciosa fan since issue #3, and watching the change in this issue, both stated and unstated outright, was extremely interesting. In fact, one of the most engaging stories of this issue was her article on just that: a list of changes she's making or would like to make, separated by categories that range from body image/health issues to attitude shifts about her life in general. For any woman in her late 20s, going through that transition from college to "the real world," a lot of her list rings true -- it articulates that sort of growing up period that many of us have gone through/are going through now in a very personal way.

Another intriguing section of #5 is a relatively short piece (that I wish had been longer!) on a recent trip she took with her family to Florida. Instead of doing the regular analysis of Disney World that you'd expect, Liz approached it as seen through her body instead of her mind. She separated the subsections by sense: sound, touch, taste, scent. Each was short and to the point, but they evoked a sense of place that all the descriptions of costumed characters and screaming children couldn't do. She lets us experience what she saw, instead of telling us outright. It was genius.

This issue of Deliciosa is available through pander zine distro and issues #3-5 are available from smitten kitten, or through Liz herself, by emailing

[ by Elizabeth Badurina ]
Rambles: 23 March 2002