Marvin L. Zimmerman,
The Ovum Factor
(Synergy, 2008)

Marvin L. Zimmerman's novel, The Ovum Factor, is about the destruction of Earth's ecology. David Rose, the main character of this story, tries to find a molecule that will reverse the damage. Will he succeed? How is the Earth threatened? What is the destiny of humanity?

This story reads like science fiction, but it is quite credible in every aspect. The characters are truthful and the dialogue vivid. The topic is exceptionally interesting as we already face ecological problems on this planet that may lead to the Earth's eventual destruction. It is an exciting book that should be read by everyone concerned about the environment. It is not only educational but entertaining as well, as it grasps the readers' interest from the first pages and maintains it through to the very last one. The language is simple enough for everybody to read and it is fast paced.

This novel has got all the elements that can conjure up a successful film, so it would be interesting to see it on the big screen, too. It is an enjoyable book that no one should miss!

Zimmerman has a bachelor of science degree in chemistry and a master's degree in international business. He lives in Canada with his family.

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review by
Liana Metal

7 June 2008

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