(ARC Music, 2013)

What do you get when you transport Eastern European gypsy music to Argentina?

One answer would be Zingaros, a band that skillfully blends Romany music and the Argentinean tango. This unusual fusion conveys the romance, passion and melancholy of both musical styles and adds a bit of jazz for measure. This is the fourth album for Zingaros.

Close your eyes and it's easy to imagine the scent of smoke from the wood fires around the caravan as violins accompany songs in a strange tongue. Or, just as easily, the sultry precision of tango in a ballroom. The 13 tracks are original compositions save for the group's arrangement of four traditional pieces.

Zingaros was founded in 2004 by Alejandro Montero after he and David Macchione participated in a jam session and found mutual musical interests. After playing for a period as a duo, they were joined by Alexander Garate.

Montero, who previously played with several bands focusing on Eastern European music, provides vocals and plays guitar, balalaika and bouzouki. Macchione studied violin at a Suzuki school and composition at the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, and has explored various folk and tango styles. Garate, of Basque descent, began his musical education at age 6 and currently teaches accordion at Collegium Cordoba.

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music review by
John Lindermuth

7 September 2013

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