The Best of the Crawfish Years 1985-1991
(Rounder, 2001)

BeauSoliel serves up a wonderful dish of Cajun music in The Best of the Crawfish Years 1985-1991. They take their music, share it with you and somehow in the process make it yours as well.

The Louisiana musicians play their hearts and you can tell it is their music. Passion drives the music on this album, which collects tracks from five different CDs featuring 19 excellent musicians.

The CD starts off with "Maman Rosin Boudreaux," a lively French song that makes you want to dance. "Pine Grove Blues" is almost nine minutes of cheerful blues. They follow this with another dance in "La Chanson de Caf." The energy continues in "Jongle A Moi," which slows down towards the end to aptly set up the next song. "Bunk's Blues" is part blues, part two-step, with French lyrics and it is beautiful.

"Cochon de Lait" is a fast-paced dance that goes full out right from the first notes. They keep you dancing with the fun lyrics of "Zydeco Gris Gris." You get transported to someone's kitchen to listen to some musicians jam in "Cajun Groove (Scott Playboy Special)."

The lyrics of "Woman or a Man" tell a strange story and are a riot to listen to. "Chez Seychelles" is a gentle, elegant waltz, while "Hey Baby, Quoi a Dit?" is an energetic song with lyrics that flip between English and French. The singing in "Macaque Sur Mon Dos" brings out the laid-back feeling of the song. The call to get on the dance floor is strong in "Reel de Dennis McGee," which was recorded live.

They keep you dancing with "Valse Bb," a slow waltz for the evening. "It's You I Love" is a potent love song with the music adding emphasis to the words. "Johnny Peut Pas Dancer" is pure fun. The CD ends off with "Bon Temps Rouler," the perfect ending point to let the good times roll.

Let BeauSoliel share their Crawfish Years music with you. It won't take them long to make it your music, too.

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]
Rambles: 22 June 2002

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