Claudia Bombardella Ensemble,
Paesaggi Lontani: Live
(Radicimusic, 2004)

Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Claudia Bombardella picks up the sax, clarinet and accordion and sings on this CD, where styles range from folk to near-classical.

Here she is supported by Gloria Merani on violin, Filippo Burchietti on cello, Samuele Venturin on guitar and Massimo Pinca on bass on 16 varied tracks depicting faraway landscapes.

Bombardella contributes many of the texts as well as the music. It is a dreamy, smooth sound, with her clear vocals and arrangements that are simple and full.

"Histoire d'un Souvenir" is one of those, a meditation on memories and nostalgia, written by Bombardella in French. On "Legenda della Rosa" the strings play off against vocalizations.

On three instrumental tracks, these musicians also shine. One of the finer tunes is "Danza dell'Orso Buono," a dance that changes from quick to slow and back again.

Throughout, she improvises, plays, changes pace and uses the strings and voice to tell interesting stories in a number of languages including Sefardic or Judeo-Espanol, Armenian and Zingaro-Roma.

On this very personal project, there are a lot of nice touches, and a sure artist's hand at work.

review by
David Cox

9 February 2008

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