David Cox was born and raised in Ontario and is employed as a writer and editor. He grew up listening to Scottish and Irish folk music. He has been a regular attendee at such venues as Roosters Coffee House in Ottawa, Cafe des Quatre Jeudis across the river in Hull, Quebec, and later at the Quarter Moon Coffee House in Bloomfield, Ontario.

As assistant editor of world music (Welsh and South European), David hopes to explore the diverse music of Europe, with a special emphasis on Cymru/Wales and Euskal Herria, the Basque Country.

David's hobbies include studying the Welsh and Basque languages. He lives in Toronto with his young family. He can be reached at penyberth@hotmail.com.

Reviews by David include:

Queen of the Rushes/Brenhines y Brwyn

Alaitz eta Maider

Alberto Balia & Enrico Frongia

Al Sol de la Hierba

Francesco Benozzo
Llyfr Taliesin

Claudia Bombardella Ensemble
Paesaggi Lontani: Live

La Bottine Souriante
En Spectacle
Jusqu'aux p'tites heures ('Til the wee hours)

Tous dans l'meme Bateau

Carreg Lafar
Profiad (Experience)

Jesse Cook

Nos Sadwrn Bach (Not Yet Saturday)

James F. Curley
Tom's Cafe

Teresa Doyle
If Fish Could Sing ... and Sheep Could Dance

Dr. Drer & CRC Posse
Cosa Bella Frisca

Steve Eaves

Ensemble Georgika
Vol. III

Ensemble Mzetamze
Vol. II

Ensemble Pesnokhorki
Vol. II

Epelde eta Larranaga

Esne Beltza

Esne Zopak

Stephen Fearing
That's How I Walk

Serge Fiori
Serge Fiori


The Grievous Angels
Waiting for the Cage


Haur Jolasen Abestiak

Dafydd Iwan
Caneuon Gwerin

Jim et Bertrand
La Tete en Gigue

Kepa Junkera
Bilbao 00:00h (Bilbao Zero Hour)

Ivan Kapec Trio

I Viulan

Ken Zazpi
Gelditu Denbora

Steve Klingaman
Vanishing Point

Mikel Laboa
60ak + 2

Benito Lertxundi
Nere Ekialdean

La Lionetta

Mim Twm Llai
Straeon y Cymdogion

Oscar Lopez
Mi Destino (My Destiny)

Lou Dalfin
Cavalier Faidit

The Crystal Spring/Y Ffynnon Risial


Sara Marlowe
A World to Win: Songs from the Struggle for Global Justice

Erramun Martikorena
Elorrietan Loreak

Alan Mearns
The Tree


Tudur Morgan
Naw Stryd Madryn

Gwilym Morus

Ramiro Musotto

Octobre 1972-1989

Le Chant Basque

Oreka TX
Quercus Endorphina

25 Kantu Urte
Ura (H2O)
Vizkayatik ... Bizkaiara

Leon Palad & Kilo Munoz
Essential Tango

La Finestra dell'Ultimo Piano

Pirritx eta Porrotx
Mari Motots

Blas y Pridd/Golau tan Gwmwl
Goreuon Plethyn (Best of Plethyn)

Both Sides/O'r Ddwy Ochr

Rag Foundation

Llio Rhydderch

Stan Rogers
From Fresh Water

Sancto Ianne
Mo Siente

Gregori Schechter & the Wandering Few

Sol y Canto
El Doble de Amigos (Twice as Many Friends)

Moussu T e lei Jovents

Takolo, Pirritx eta Porrotx
Poxpolin Marisorgin

Joseba Tapia
Agur Intxorta Maite (Basque Songs from the Spanish Civil War)

Riccardo Tesi
Acqua, Foco e Vento (Water, Fire & Wind), with Maurizio Geri

Riccardo Tesi & Banditalia

Boubacar Traore
Kongo Magni

Terry Tufts
The Better Fight

Un Solo Pueblo

various artists
Basque Planet
Basques: Mysteres d'une tradition
Canu'r Pridd
Famous Greek Composers
I'r Brawd Hwdini (Tribute to the Songs of Meic Stevens)
Italian Treasury: Piemonte & Valle D'Aosta
The Music of Corsica
Music of the Nile: The Original African Sanctus Journey
Music of the Silk Road
The Music of Wales: The Folk Collection/Y Casgliad Gwerin
Northern Stars: A Canadian Singers & Songwriters Collection
Old Uncle Tom Cobleigh & All: Folk Songs Sung in the West Country
Out of Cuba: Latin American Music takes Africa by Storm
The Rough Guide to the Music of the Balkans
The Rough Guide to the Music of Wales: Harps, Bards & Gwerin Sounds
Soffi d'ancia: Decannale del Festival "Pifferi, muse e zampogne"
The Spanish Recordings - Mallorca: The Balearic Islands
Where We Live
Y Gwir yn Erbyn y Byd
Zaharregia, txikiegia agian (Too Old, Too Small, Maybe)

Le Vent du Nord
Maudite Moisson

Warsaw Village Band
People's Spring

Mark Abley
Spoken Here: Travels Among Threatened Languages

Sherman Alexie
Ten Little Indians

Rosa Maria Artal
11M-14M Onda Expansiva

Bernardo Atxaga
El Hijo del Acordeonista (The Accordionist's Son)
The Lone Man

Teleri Bevan
Years on Air

Tom Bissell
Chasing the Sea

Mikael Bodlore-Penlaez
Atlas of Stateless Nations in Europe

Billy Bragg
The Progressive Patriot

Derek Brockway & Julian Carey
Weatherman Walking (Walks around Wales)

Dee Brown
Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee

Cennard Davies
The Welsh Language

Peter Edwards
One Dead Indian: The Premier, the Police & the Ipperwash Crisis

Peter Berresford Ellis
The Celtic Revolution

Jose Luis Alvarez Emparantza (a.k.a., Txillardegi)
Euskal Herria en el Horizonte (Basque Homeland on the Horizon)

Gwynfor Evans
The Fight for Welsh Freedom

Rhys Evans
Gwynfor Evans: A Portrait of a Patriot

Brian Hinton & Geoff Wall
Ashley Hutchings: The Guv'nor & the Rise of Folk Rock 1945-1973

Claude Jasmin
Pleure Pas Germaine

Basil Johnston
Crazy Dave

Tony Judt
Postwar: A History of Europe Since 1945

Thomas King
The Truth About Stories

Mark Kurlansky
The Basque History of the World

Robert Laxalt
Sweet Promised Land

Dorian Lynskey
33 Revolutions Per Minute: A History of Protest Songs from Billie Holiday to Green Day

Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Living to Tell the Tale

Twm Miall
Cyw Haul

Abdelrahman Munif
Cities of Salt

Irene Nemirovsky
Suite Francaise

Diarmuid O'Neill, editor
Rebuilding the Celtic Languages

Mike Parker
Neighbours from Hell?

This Earth of Mankind

Nicholas Rankin
Telegram from Guernica

Meic Stevens
Solva Blues

Marcus Tanner
The Last of the Celts

R.S. Thomas

Giles Tremlett
Ghosts of Spain

Paddy Woodworth
The Basque Country: A Cultural History

Michela Wrong
I Didn't Do It for You

Dafydd Iwan Yng Nghorwen (Dafydd Iwan In Corwen)

Johnny Stecchino, The Monster/Il Mostro

Latcho Drom

Tudur Morgan: Wales songs

One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers

Nathan Rogers