Rachel Caine,
Morganville Vampires #2: Dead Girl's Dance
(Signet, 2007)

Shane's father is in town and he is out for blood. He won't let anyone or anything stand in his way, not even his son. Then Shane gets caught in the area of a vampire's murder and is sentenced to be put to death. His only hope is for Claire to prove he didn't do it and turn in his insane father, but this is way easier said than done.

High tension is the name of the game for volume two of the Morganville Vampires. After the horrid cliffhanger ending in volume one, the stakes only get higher and higher. As Claire frantically tries to find anyone she can to help her to save Shane, we learn more about Morganville's vampire society as well as background on Shane's family and how things degraded to their present course.

Of course, Claire still has all her old problems to deal with: going to classes, keeping herself from becoming vampire fodder, avoiding the psycho beauty from school. She is pushed to her limits and beyond. More trouble is seeded for the future as well, as we learn that Eve's possibly serial killer brother has been freed and is roaming the streets of Morganville. And then there is the proposal from the vampire leader, which might end up being the only means to keep Claire's friends safe -- but at what cost? Fast paced, filled with twists and turns, Dead Girl's Dance is a fascinating, enjoyable read.

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review by
Gloria Oliver

6 October 2007

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