Rachel Caine,
Weather Warden #4: Windfall
(Roc, 2005)

In Book 4, Joanne Baldwin is finding life outside the Wardens somewhat difficult. Her job is demeaning, her powers seem to be going and, worst of all, her djinn partner David doesn't seem to be healing. But if that weren't enough, throw in her now destitute sister and the beginning of a djinn civil war to complicate matters!

I think this is probably my favorite book of the series so far! It's packed with whirlwind action, mysteries, goons and family! The dominoes are still falling from the chaos of the first book in the series, and they continue to pick up steam. More is revealed about the origin of the djinn and where they are going as a race.

And, if you thought things from Joanne's past haunted her before, more are adding themselves to the pile. Not only did we have the rapist she met again in Las Vegas, but now his boss has become involved and is willing to hurt anyone in his way to getting what he wants -- a djinn of his own. It's bad enough to be the mouse in a game of cat and mouse, but Joanne is faced with a mob showdown in the middle of a hurricane! Dang!

If there is one thing that happens around here, it's consequences to actions!

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review by
Gloria Oliver

5 April 2008

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