Dolphin Bay
(self-produced, 2002)

This is an independently produced Australian release and therefore may take a little effort to acquire, but it will repay the listener a hundredfold. The vocals of Kat Kraus will haunt you for hours after listening to this CD, but she is but a fragment of this excellent group that also includes John Munro (who plays regularly with Eric Bogle).

"Listen to the Old Ones" is lovely opening song, which makes great use of the Gaelic language in the chorus. "Really So Hard" is Munro's song that apologies to the aboriginal people of Australia for the wrongs perpetrated in the past.

If anyone saw the movie Grey Owl, with Pierce Brosnan as an Englishman who lived as a Native American, they need to hear this song inspired by his story. I found it much more touching than the film.

As a band that regularly undertakes foreign tours, Colcannon brings a special feeling to "Fields," which will touch a chord in the heart of anyone who goes away and is lucky enough to return to see the "fields of home." They show an ability to take a traditional song and make it their own with "A Miner's Tale." The old tale became current in the UK in the 1980s and could become a story of any trade or profession -- listeners should be aware of this one.

The Great War was a fearful tragedy but it has spawned a million great songs against fighting. "The Piper" is a new song that continues the worthy tradition.

This CD contains songs that will be new to most listeners. Here you will hear life in melody, love in lyrics and joy in playing. You get songs and tunes, great voices and powerful playing.

Music demands that we continue to seek out quality and here it is in spades. Enjoy Colcannon.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 3 May 2003

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