Nicky Rossiter lives in a small town in southeast Ireland.

He is the author of five books as well as numerous articles, features and submissions to journals on various topics from history to music and trivia. He has a website dedicated to Wexford and its history. He was a founder of Wexford Youth Theatre, which performed many of his plays on stage and radio.

His music reviews are undertaken strictly as a listener, without any delving into technique. The CD is taken as it appears on the shelf -- no online background or publicity blurb.

He is contactable via e-mail.

Reviews by Nicky include:

Tom Adler & Co.
Sweet Nell: New Old-Time Tunes

Chloe Agnew

Alternate Roots
Branching Out

Waltzing in the Trees

And Did Those Feet
Forgetting the Shadows of History
Hymn for a Glad Tomorrow
Spirit of the Age

Eric Andersen
The Street was Always There: Great American Song Series, Vol. 1

Where It All Begins

Rick Andersen
Little Fish

The Arrogant Worms


Steve Ashley
Speedy Return

Austin & Elliot
13 Songs Plus

Maggie Austin
Time & Again

Kevin Ayers & the Wizards of Twiddly
Turn the Lights Down

Angelo Badalamenti

Banshee in the Kitchen
Catching the Mooncoin, with Brenda Hunter

Les Barker
Guide Cats for the Blind
Missing Persians File: Guide Cats for the Blind, Vol. 2

Eternal Magus

Harriet Bartlett
Eyes Wide Open

Geoff Bartley
Blues Beneath the Surface

Walter Beasley
For Her

Alan Bell
The Definitive Collection

Hilary Bell
Breaking All the Rules

Martyn Bennett
Glen Lyon

Bill Grogan's Goat
Bill Grogan's Goat

Billi & Patti
Love & Other Four Letter Words


Black Irish Band
American Landscapes
The Day the Earth Shook
From the Forest
The Long Way to Tipperary

Push & Pull

Just Taste It

Sarah Blair
Flower of the Red Mill

Under the Counter

Eric Bogle
At This Stage
By Request
The Colour of Dreams
The Dreamer
The Emigrant & The Exile, with John Munro
I Wrote This Wee Song
Live at the Stoneyfell Winery
Other People's Children
Singing the Spirit Home
A Toss of the Coin, with John Munro

Ramona Borthwick
A New Leaf

Brace Yourself Bridget
Brace Yourself Bridget

Billy Bragg
Tooth & Nail

Chris Bramble
Laugh at the Wind

Michael Braudy & River Alexander
Celtic Afternoon Concert

The Big Spree

Terry Brennan

Gary Brewer & the Kentucky Ramblers
Home Brew

Billy & Bryn Bright

Mark Brine
Fortunes: The Best of Mark Brine

Allette Brooks
Swim with Me

I You You Me

Alison Brown
Stolen Moments

Karaugh Brown
One Round Orange

Mason Brown
When Humans Walked the Earth

Fraser & Ian Bruce
Best of Mrs Bruce's Boys

Bruce & Walker
Born to Rottenrow

One Nation: A Tribal Gathering of Voices

Judy Brunet & Bruce Wing
Saying Hello, Feeling Goodbye

Peter Bruntnell
Ends of the Earth

Mary Kathleen Burke
A Song in Her Heart

Steve Byrne
Songs From Home

Cagley, Black, Schaefer & Njoes
Friends in Music

Gary Callahan
After the Rain
Death on the Ice, with Plain & Simple

Leah Callahan
Even Sleepers

Rory Campbell


Acie Cargill & the Stone in the Shoes Band
In the Willow Garden

Kim Carnes
Chasin' Wild Trains

Johnny Cash
Cash Unearthed

Sandy Cash
Exact Change

CC Railroad
Black Horse Motel

Ceilidh Minogue
Ceilidh Minogue

The Celebrated Renaissance Band
Real Live American Music

Celtic Woman
The Greatest Journey

Greg Chako
Two's Company, Three's a Crowd

The Chieftains
Another Country

Donal Clancy
Songs of a Roving Blade

Liam Clancy
Yes Those Were the Days

Anthony John Clarke
An Acquaintance of Mine
Man with a Red Guitar

Alex Clements
Emily's Song

Rod Clements
Odd Man Out
Stamping Ground

Phil Cody
Big Slow Mover

Joan Coffey
Everybody Needs One

Dolphin Bay
The Eureka Suite
Step It Out

Judy Collins
Maids & Golden Apples

Kevin Collins
From an Island to an Island, Vol. 1
Full Circle: From an Island to an Island, Vol. 2
Jump In & Swim
The Photograph
This is My Home

Andy Cooney
Galway Shawl

Cormorant's Fancy
Here & There

Darryl & Dallas Cornell
Glass Door

Tricia Corrigan
A Different Kind of Beautiful

The Cottars
On Fire

The Way Out is Via the Door

Eamonn Coyne
Through the Round Window

Michael Coyne
You're the World

James Cramer
The Lights of Lisnaskay

Frank Critelli
Waltzing Through Quicksand

Crooked Still
Hop High

Joe Crookston
Fall Down as the Rain

Cry Havoc
The English Folk Dance Project: Cotswold Series, Vol. 1 - The Music of Cry Havoc

Tony Cuffe
Sae Will We Yet

David Culiner

The Cumberlands
Bridging the Gap

Walden Dahl
Walden Dahl

Luke Daniels
Tribute to William Hannah

Darby O'Gill
Christmas Teaser
Irish Christmas Rollick

Elmer Deagle
Elmer Deagle

Michael DeAngelis
Son of a Dunigan

Jacket of Batteries

Michael Delalla

Brigitte DeMeyer
Another Thousand Miles

Jesse DeNatale
Shangri-La West

Tim Dennehy
Between the Mountains & the Sky
The Blue Green Door


Krista Detor

Brendan Devereux
Songs from a Yellow Chair

Long Sleeve Story

Barbara Dickson
To Each & Everyone (The Songs of Gerry Rafferty)

Joe Dolce
The Wind Cries Mary

Skirm & Dezi Donnelly
Welcome: Live in Hamburg

You're Standing in My Light

Beat Cafe

Jill Dornan
For the Love of Song

Ciaran Dorris

Geraldine & Danny Doyle
Emigrant Eyes

Ronnie Drew
The Humour is on Me Now

Drinkers Drought with Davy Steele
A Tribute

The Dubliners
Finnegan Wakes
Thirty Years a Greying

Johnny Duhan
Just Another Town
To the Light
The Voyage

Mark Dunlop
Islands of the Moon

Spencer Durham
Much More Than Words

Thomas Easaw
Don't Start the Last World War

Judith Edelman
Drama Queen

Sharon Edry
Semi Broken Heart

Michael Egan
Live at Studio 51

Mark Elliott
American Road

Julie Ellison
At Last

Roisin Elsafty
Ma bhionn Tu Liom Bi Liom

Frank Emerson
Safe in the Harbour
There's a Story Told

Tim Eriksen
Every Sound Below

Steven B. Eulberg
Holy Mountain

Jack Evans
Once Upon a Time in the North

Lowri Evans
Kick the Sand

Amy Fairchild

Fairport Convention

Kam Falk
Native Tongue

Jane Fallon

Patrick Feeney
This is Me

Julie Felix
Scarborough Fair

The Fenians
Every Day's a Hooley

Celtic Music from Wales

Fiddlers Bid
Naked & Bare

Fiddlers 3
The Rhythm Chapter

Rick Fielding

Figgy Duff
Weather Out the Storm

Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer

David Fiorenza
Tan, Rested & Ready

Fire in the Glen
Pirates, Wakes & Whiskey

Archie Fisher & Garnet Rogers
Off the Map

Chris Flegg
The Sound of Life

Tommy Fleming
The Contender
A Life Like Mine


Mary Flower
Bywater Dance

Some Antics

Louise Ford
Heroes & Angels

Jeffrey Foucault
Miles From the Lightning

Four Men & a Dog
Maybe Tonight

Four Shillings Short
The Boggy Spew

Simon Fox
Night Fishing
A Winter's Tale

Amy Fradon
Passion Angels
Small Town News

David Francey
The First Set
Late Edition

Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas
Fire & Grace
Highlander's Farewell
In the Moment

Alasdair Fraser, Muriel Johnstone & Natalie Haas
Legacy of the Scottish Fiddle, Vol. 2

Mara Freeman
Celtic Spirit Meditations

Eamon Friel
Here is the River
The Waltz of the Years (EP)
The Waltz of the Years
Word of Spring

Fruit of Choice

Gandalf Murphy & the Slambovian Circus of Dreams
Flapjacks from the Sky
The Great Unravel

Dick Gaughan
Live at the Trades Club
Lucky for Some
Prentice Piece

Deborah Gee

Nathan Clark George & Mark Stoffel
A Midwinter's Eve

Georgian Contemporary Unit
The View You Never Get

Colleen Geraghty
Deep Ravines

The Gibson Brothers
Ring the Bell

Melissa Gibson
Welcome to Stay

Eliza Gilkyson
Land of Milk & Honey
Paradise Hotel

Joe Giltrap
The Bravest, with Tom Paxton
Distant Memories
Irish Charmer
The Mountains of Mourne
The Soldiers Tree

Give Way
Full Steam Ahead
Lost in This Song

Brian Gladstone
A Time for New Beginnings

Glencraig Scottish Dance Band
The Ceilidh: Are Ye Dancin?
Scottish Country Dances (Ah'm Askin')

Glen the Owl
Glen the Owl

James Gordon

Annie Grace
Take Me Out Drinking Tonight

Red Grammer
Soul Man in a Techno World

The Granary Girls
Wild Roses

One Last Cold Kiss

The Green House Band

Greenland Whalefishers

Crow Greenspun
Blood & Decision

Charlotte Greig
Down in the Valley

Gregory Grene

Nanci Griffith
Once in a Very Blue Moon

Gordon Gunn
Wick to Wickham

Marc Gunn
Happy Songs of Death

Jim Hanlon
The Cormier Sessions: Vol. I
The Cormier Sessions: Vol. II
From the Heart

Mick Hanly
Free to Run
Wish Me Well

Ian Hardie
A Breath of Fresh Airs

Ange Hardy
Bare Foot Folk

Michael William Harrison
First Time 'Round

Michael William Harrison & Linda King
For Kids of All Ages

Frank Harte
Dublin Street Songs Through Dublin City

Lis Harvey

Joe Heaney
The Road from Connemara

Seamus Heaney & Liam O'Flynn
The Poet & The Piper

Ingrid Heldt
Love Matters

Hamish Henderson
A' the Bairns o' Adam

The Henry Girls
Between Us

Greg Herriges
It Plays Me

Lara Herscovitch
Juror Number 13

The Food of Love

Bill Hicks
The Perfect Gig

Leigh Hilger
Casting Shadows

Donal Hinely
We Built a Fire

Alex Hodgson
The Brig tae nae Where

The Hogs
Another Drop o' the Hard Stuff

Janet Holmes
The Road to the West

The Holmes Brothers

Catherine Howe
Princelet Street

Alan Hull

Ian & Sylvia
The Complete Vanguard Studio Recordings

The Banks of Newfoundland

Shane Jackman

Hilary James
Burning Sun

Hilary James, with Simon Mayor
Laughing with the Moon

Jed & Lucia
Candles in Daylight

Sue Jeffers
Welcome Home

Jefferson & Friends
The Baby & the Bathwater: New Songs for Peace & Justice

Michael Jerling
Little Movies

Jock Tamson's Bairns

"Peerie" Willie Johnson
Willie's World

Linda Rice Johnston
A Bird in the Wood

The Johnstons
The Transatlantic Years

Bill Jones
Two Year Winter

Bill Jones, Aoife Clancy & Anne Hills
Faire Winds Live

Diana Jones
My Remembrance of You

Carolyn Justice
Out of the Fast Lane

Christine Kane
Rain & Mud & Wild & Green

Kevin Kane
Blind Man

Lucy Kaplansky
Over the Hills
The Red Thread

Mary Kaye
Spin Your Web

Alicia Keister

Pat Kelleher
Songs of the Sea

Alan Kelly
Quiet Lives of Consequence
The Rest of the Country

Alan & John Kelly

Lisa Kelly

Keltik Electrik
Hotel Kaledonia

Ross Kennedy
Scottish Voice & Acoustic Guitar

Kilmarnock Edition
Pay It Forward

On Holy Ground

The Kinleys
Just Between You & Me

Shona Kipling & Damien O'Kane
Pure Chance

Ann Kirrane
One Small Star

Terry Kitchen
Right Now

Richard Koechli
Blue Celtic Mystery

Ron Korb
Celtic Heartland

The Morning After...?

Sonja Kristina
Cri De Couer
Songs from the Acid Folk
Sonja Kristina

Kris Kristofferson

The Lacemakers
The Lacemakers

Lancaster County Prison
Every Goddamn Time

Robin Laing
One for the Road
The Water of Life
Whisky for Breakfast

Penny Lang

Flame of Wine

Amy LaVere
This World is Not My Home

John Lawless
Five & Dime

Josh Lederman y Los Diablos
It's a Long & Lonely Time Until the Train Will Bring You Home

Noel Lenaghan
A Long Time Since
No Trouble at All

Contrary Motion: Lenahan Plays Acoustic

Jeana Leslie & Siobhan Miller
In a Bleeze
Shadows Tall

John Graham Leslie
The Land, the River, the Sea

Michelle Lewis
This Time Around

Annbjorg Lien
Waltz With Me

Jenn Lindsay
Gotta Lotta
Uphill Both Ways

Little Rock

Little Windows
Just Beyond Me

Local Exchange
Because He Lives

Heloise Love
Song for the Mira

Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies
Live at the Davy Lamp
Tenterhooks (The Art Edition)

Jez Lowe & Jake Walton
Two a Roue

Carole & Teresa Lundgren with Steve Eulberg
Random Acts of Fiddling

Bill Lyerly
Requiem Mess

Jimmy Macbeath
Tramps & Hawkers

Mickey MacConnell
Joined Up Writing
Peter Pan & Me

The Finlay MacDonald Band

Geraldine MacGowan & Friends

Kathleen MacInnes
Summer Dawn

Fiona J. Mackenzie
Duan Nollaig
A Good Suit of Clothes

Kevin MacLeod
Dorney Rock

Kevin Macleod & Alec Finn
Polbain to Oranmore

Catherine-Ann MacPhee
Suil Air Ais (Looking Back)

Mad Agnes
Magic Hour

Sandy Madaris
Way Back Home

Mad Dogs & Englishmen
Going Down with Alice

Rylee Madison
The Life of Rylee

Peter Madsen
Carnival of Rags

Magic Car
Family Matters
Yellow Main Sequence

Tommy Makem
The Legendary Tommy Makem Collection

The Makem & Spain Brothers

Flower & Iron
3 Ravens
The Unseen Hours

Dance of the Comedians

Tom Mank & Sera Jane Smolen
Conversations in Waves
Souls of Birds

Mara & David
Sixteen Secrets


Katie Marie
Been Here Before

Jed Marum
Ain't No Goin' Back
Cross Over the River
Fighting Tigers of Ireland
Lone Star Stout
Miles from Home
Sands of Aberdeen
Soul of a Wanderer

The Mavericks

Tim May
Find My Way Back

Simon Mayor
Music From a Small Island
Winter with Mandolins

Simon Mayor & Hilary James
Children's Favourites
Lullabies with Mandolin

The McCabes
Whatever Makes You Tick

Nancy McCallion & the Mollys

The McCalmans
Coming Home
Where the Sky Meets the Sea

Rory McCarthy & the Preycawns
When is Daddy Coming Home

Lydia McCauley
The Beauty of the Earth
The Moon of Wintertime

Laurie McClain
The Trumpet Vine: A Tribute to Kate Wolf

Tommy McClennan
Cross Cut Saw: The Complete Recordings 1940-1942

Lisa McCormick
Mystery Girl

Willie McCulloch
Auld Tales & New

Peter McCune
Memories Embrace

P.J. McDonald
The Long Road Home

Kate McDonnell
Don't Get Me Started

Eleanor McEvoy
Love Must be Tough
Out There
Singled Out
Special Edition

Johnny McEvoy
Going to California

Matt McGinn
The Best of Matt McGinn, Vol. 2

Danny McGuinness
Room 809

Catriona McKay & Chris Stout

Paul McKenna Band
Between Two Worlds

Angela McKenzie

Patrick McKeown
Passing By

Andrew McKnight
Turning Pages

Tony McManus
The Maker's Mark
Mysterious Boundaries

Tony McManus & Alain Genty
Singing Sands

Alison McMorland & Geordie McIntyre
White Wings

Brian McNeill & Friends
The Falkirk Music Pot

Rob McNurlin
Lonesome Valley Again

Silver Sea


Miller Brothers Band
Tales from Foundry Town

Valorie Miller
Folk Star


Misty River
Live at the Backgate Stage

Joe Monaghan
All the Roadside Stops

The Monks of Glenstal Abbey
Biscantorat: Sound of the Spirit

Alastair Moock
Let It Go

Christy Moore
The Box Set 1964-2004
King Puck
Ride On
Unfinished Revolution

Randy Moore & the Fabulous Deltones
Randy Moore & the Fabulous Deltones

Frank Morey
Cold in Hand
Made in USA

Bill Morrissey
The Essential Collection

Josephine Mulvenna
Spirit of the Song

Peter Mulvey
Ten Thousand Mornings

David Munnelly
By Heck

Donnie Munro
Heart of America: Across the Great Divide

John Munro
Plying My Trade

Ross Munro
Twisted Tradition

Matt Murphy
Songs at Random

Andrew Murray
Hell or High Water

The Muses
Tramps & Hawkers

Music in the Glen
A Highland Journey, Vol. 2

Mutiny Gone Overboard

Gary Myrick
Waltz of the Scarecrow King

Peter Nardini
Rain Din

Ray Naylor
Slow Cooker

Holly Near & Ronnie Gilbert
Lifeline Extended

Rick Neeley
General Merchandise, with John Cavalier & Marc Edelstein

Steve Nelson
Listen What the Katmandu

New Middle Class

John Jacob Niles
I Wonder as I Wander: Carols & Love Songs

Under a Pale Moon

Bob Norman
Romantic Nights on the Upper West Side

North Cregg
The Roseland Barndance
Summer at My Feet

Andy Northrup
Cardboard Logic

Cry Mercy

Dan Oakenhead
Sky Geezer

Gen Obata
Better Off On the Run

Paul O'Brien
Sacred Lines

Tim O'Brien
Two Journeys

Erin O'Bryan
Walk with the Saints

The Occasionals
Down to the Hall
The Full Set
Reel of Four

Robbie O'Connell
Never Learned to Dance

Robbie O'Connell, Aoife & Donal Clancy
The Clancy Legacy

John O'Connor
My Ireland

Alison O'Donnell & Isabel Ni Chuireain
Mise agus Ise

Eoghan O'Donnell
First Steps

Sean O'Driscoll & Larry Egan
The Kitchen Recordings

Billy O'Dwyer
I'll See You Tonight in My Dreams
The Time Has Come

Dessie O'Halloran
The Pound Road

The Animals Are in the West

Old Blind Dogs
Play Live

Old Crow Medicine Show
Wagon Wheel

Marcas O'Murchu
Turas Ceoil

Open Hand
The Later Stages of Now

Tim O'Riordan & Natural Gas
Come Here I Wantcha

Declan O'Rourke
Big Bad Beautiful World

Pale, Stout & Amber
Pale, Stout & Amber

Patrick Street
Street Life

Tom Paxton
Best of Friends, with Anne Hills & Bob Gibson
Comedians & Angels
Looking for the Moon

Erik Pekkari

Peter, Paul & Mary
Carry It On

Al Petteway
Caledon Wood
Whispering Stones

Bruce Piephoff
Fools Get Away With the Impossible
Good People
Hard Times for Dreamers

Pig's Eye Landing
Like Water from a Mountain Stream

Speak No Evil

Kick Out the Ghosts

Ellynne Plotnick
I Walk Alone

The Poozies
Changed Days, Same Roots

Shane MacGowan & the Popes
The Rare Oul Stuff

Julie Powell
Heart of a Woman

Michael Powers
Prodigal Son

Christopher Prim
Number One

The Prodigals
Go On

A Fig for a Kiss

Darryl Purpose
A Crooked Line

Quietly Spinning Man
Inside Out

Siobhan Quinn & Michael Bowers
Dreamers, Lovers & Outlaws

Mary Rafferty
Hand Me Downs

Dave Ramont

The Rapparees
Wrapped Up

Dale Rasmussen
Raven's Wing

Eddi Reader

Reckless Kelly
Wicked Twisted Road

Jean Redpath
Will Ye No Come Back

Jim Reid
Yont the Tay

John Reischman & the Jaybirds

Russ Rentler
Acoustic Minstrel
Scarecrow's Lament

The Steve Riley Band
Miles from Nowhere

Davie Robertson
Star o' the Bar

Eric Roche

Marie Roche
Roomfull of Noise

Quillan Roe
These First Few Months

Brian Roebuck
A Song for Luke

Clarelynn Rose
Meadow Run

Stacie Rose
Shadow & Splendor

Tim Rose
The London Sessions 1978-1998

James Ross
James Ross

Joe Ross & Janet Naylor
The Harper's Reverie: Irish Music of Turlough O'Carolan

Day of Days: The 30th Anniversary Concert

Kate Rusby
The Girl Who Couldn't Fly
Underneath the Stars

The Rusticators
Talking with the Dead

Cathie Ryan
Somewhere Along the Road

Pete St. John
James Joyce Lives On

We Want You to Say

Mark Sallings & the Famous Unknowns
Talkin' to Myself

Salsa Celtica
El Agua de La Vida

Ben Sands
Better Already
"Live" in Berlin
Roots & Branches
Take My Love With You
Take Your Time

Colum Sands
All My Winding Journeys
The Note That Lingers On

Tommy Sands
Let the Circle be Wide

The Sands Family
Keep on Singing

Deirdre Scanlan

Jenny & Martin Schaub
Kite High

Bruce Scott
My Colleen by the Shore

Bobby Seals
Time Machine

Peggy Seeger
Love Call Me Home

Late Harvest (2002)

Jason Shain
Here I Am

Andy Shanks & Jim Russell
Diamonds in the Night

Eleanor Shanley
Another Day's Journey, with Ivan Leparr

Eleanor Shanley & Ronnie Drew
El Amor De Mi Vida (The Love of My Life)

The Sheiling
The Shape I'm In

Tiger's Island

Turning Tide

Richard Shulman
Camelot Reawakened: A Vision Fulfilled

Elaine Silver
Faeries are Gathering


James Scott Skinner
The Strathspey King

Slainte Mhath

Cecilia Smith
Dark Triumph: The Life of Victoria Lancaster Smith

Darden Smith

Doug B. Smith
Diving for Pearls

Laura Smith
B'tween the Earth and My Soul

Todd Snider
East Nashville Skyline

Andy Smythe
Last Throes of Summer

Michael Snow
The Rats & the Rosary

Not Life Threatening

Lenny Solomon
Armando's Pie
Maybe Today

La Sonera Calaveras
Numero Uno

Bruce Springsteen
Live in Dublin

Squeezebox Stompers
Squeezebox Stompers

Stairheid Gossip
Stirring it Up

Raiford Starke
Speak Me

Steeleye Span
Sails of Silver

Mark Stepakoff
There Goes the Neighborhood

Al Stewart
The First Album

Margaret Stewart
Togaidh mi mo Sheolta

Wendy Stewart
Standing Wave

Chris Stout
First o' the Darkenin'


Heidi Talbot
The Last Star

James Talley

John Tams

The Tap Room Trio

Karen Taylor-Good
How Many Women

The Double Cross

Meg Tennant
Driving with You

Terra Folk
StereoFolk Live

Think of One

Andy Thornton
Sunflower Girl

Martha Tilston

Steve Tilston
Of Many Hands
Songs from the Dress Rehearsal
Such & Such

Dave Tilton
The Late Our

Tiny Tin Lady
Ridiculous Bohemia

Tom & Lori

Niall Toner Band
Mood Swing

Donnacha Toomey

The Toronto Consort
Mariners & Milkmaids

Toss the Feathers
Rude Awakening

Sean Turner
Begin Again

Two Time Polka
The Very Best of Two Time Polka

Sean Tyrrell
Cry of a Dreamer
Man for Galway: The Best of Sean Tyrrell
Rising Tide

Belinda Underwood

Saxman Greg Vail
The Gospel Truth ReVisited

Niall & Cillian Vallely
Callan Bridge

various artists
Auld Lang Syne
Bah Humbug
Bambi II
The Battle of Prestonpans 1745
Before Their Time: Memorial Songs & Music, Vol. II
Bluegrass #1s: A Collection of Chart-Topping Songs
Celtic Airs & Reflective Melodies
Celtic Love Songs
Celtic Spirit
Celtic Voyager: Tales of the Traveller
Celtic Women from Scotland
Cold Blow These Winter Winds
Diamond Mountain Sessions presents...
Drag Lines: New Irish Traditions
Dressed in Black: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
Drop the Debt
Ernie: Songs of Ernest Noyes Brookings
Essential Touch
EverSound Expressions, Vol. 2
Far, Far From Ypres
Favourite Scottish Songs
The Floors o' the Forest
For Freedom Alone: The Wars of Independence
Gaelic Women
Gentle Giants
If I Had a Song: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 2
The Irish Folk Festival '02: A Blast from the Past
Johnny's Blues: A Tribute to Johnny Cash
The King Has Landed
Lark in the Morning: Folk Songs & Dances from the Irish Countryside
Live at the Talbot
Live in Hope: The Wildlife Album 2
Lonesome, On'ry & Mean: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings
McCalman Singular
Mondo Platinum
Music & Song of Scotland
The Music & Song of the Great Tapestry of Scotland
No Pasaran
The Other Side of the Mountain: Bluegrass, Newgrass & Beyond
People & Songs of the Sea
People on the Highway: A Bert Jansch Encomium
Pierre's Plastic Dreams
Practically Every Day
The Rough Guides Collection
The Rough Guide to Irish Folk
Ruby Sessions
Scotland: The Music & the Song
Scots Women
The Scottish Diaspora
Scottish Women
Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3
65 Roses
Steele the Show
Strange Coincidences in Specialty Tea Trading
Strange Coincidences in Specialty Tea Trading II
Third Grand Concert of Piping
Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen
A Tribute in Music & Song to John Bellany
A Twenty Five Year Legacy
The Wildlife Album
Wooed & Married & Aa

Varner Lynch
Worlds Away: Tales of Time & Travels

James Velvet
Just Plain Jane & Other Modest Proposals

Dan Walsh
Diesel & Smokes

Stephen Warbeck
Two Brothers

Shane Warner

Patsy Watchorn
Hearts on Fire

Jacqui Watson
Cocaine & Brandy Days

Linda Welby
A Story to Tell

Sheena Wellington
Hamely Fare

Lizzie West & the White Buffalo
I Pledge Allegiance to Myself

Eric Westbury
Walking Tracks

West of Eden
A Celtic Christmas
Safe Crossing
Songs from Twisting River
A Stupid Thing to Do

Lee Westwood
To Sleep: Farewell Songs

The Wexford Boys
Seems Like Only Yesterday

Gavin Whelan
Gavin Whelan

The Cuckoo's Note

The Whisky Priests
Here Come the Ranting Lads -- Live!

Whisky Trail

The Whistlebinkies

White House

Chris Whitley
Soft Dangerous Shores

Jason Whitton
Thriftstore Cowboy

Steve Wildey
Along the Way
Little Man

Jim Williams
One Star

Jim Wilson
This Old House

Wolfe Bros.
Old Roads & New Journeys
2001 -- An Old-Time Odyssey

Beth Wood
You Take the Wheel

William Woods
Every Part of Me

The Woods Band
Music from the Four Corners of Hell

Ina May Wool
Crack It Open

Luther Wright & the Wrongs
Guitar Pickin' Martyrs

Mary Youngblood
Dance with the Wind

Mike Younger
Every Stone You Throw

Peter Ackroyd
The Lambs of London

Leith Anderson
Jesus: An Intimate Portrait of the Man, His Land & His People

Duck Baker, Stefan Grossman & John Renbourn
Celtic Melodies for Fingerpicking Guitar

David Baldacci
Split Second

Blanche Caldwell Barrow
My Life with Bonnie & Clyde

Jason T. Berggren
10 Things I Hate About Christianity

Carmen Bin Ladin
Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia

Chrissie Blaze
Mercury Retrograde

Lani Massey Brown
A Margin of Error

Sinclair Browning
Feathers Brush My Heart

Rosanne Cash, editor
Songs Without Rhyme

Lee Child
Nothing to Lose

Liam Clancy
The Mountain of the Women: Memoirs of an Irish Troubadour

Anthony John Clarke
The Songs of Anthony John Clarke

Stephen Clarkson
Patriot's Reward

Michael Connelly
Chasing the Dime

Patrick C. Crowell
Hostile Environment

Lisle Crowley
Easy Celtic Solos for Fingerstyle Guitar

Elizabeth Cunningham
Bright Dark Madonna

Winnie Czulinski
Drone On: The High History of Celtic Music

Antonino D'Ambrosio
A Heartbeat & a Guitar: Johnny Cash & the Making of "Bitter Tears"

Jack Dann & Gardner Dozois, editors
Future Crimes

Jeffrey Deaver
The Twelfth Card

Christie Dickason
The Firemaster's Mistress

Charles Dodd
Code 18

Emma Donoghue
Life Mask

Tim Downs
Plague Maker

Johnny Duhan
To the Light

Robert C. Evans, editor
Frank O'Connor's "Ghosts"

Tony Farmar
Privileged Lives

Jon Fasman
The Geographer's Library

Ruth Finnegan
The Hidden Musicians

Derek Adie Flower
Inquest on Imhotep

Jack Ford
The Osiris Alliance

Tana French
Broken Harbor

Louis Garafalo
The Sassamon Circle

Liam Gaul
Masters of Irish Music

Dan Gelo
Fiddle Tunes & Irish Music for Guitar

H. Terrell Griffin
Blood Island

Richard Guy
The Ascent of Man
The Mysterious Receding Seas

Mick Hanly
Wish Me Well

Amy Hanson
Smashing Pumpkins: Tales of a Scorched Earth

Colin Harper & Trevor Hodgett
Irish Folk, Trad & Blues: A Secret History

Brian Harris

Margaret Hawkins
Restless Spirit

Reginald Hill
The Woodcutter

Colin Irwin
In Search of the Craic: One Man's Pub Crawl Through Irish Music

Bill Ison
KillRod: The Cross of Lorraine Murders

Andrew Grant Jackson
1965: The Most Revolutionary Year in Music

L. Frank James
Mr. Inside

Carl Jensen, editor
Stories that Changed America

Marvin Kaye, editor
The Vampire Sextette

Paul Kearney
Ships from the West

Susan Kearney
The Ultimatum

Richard Kochli
Best in the West: Nashville Guitar

Jay Ladin
Alternatives to History

Laurel Leff
Buried by The Times: The Holocaust & America's Most Important Newspaper

Jimmy MacCarthy
Ride On

Val McDermid
Beneath the Bleeding

Don McGraw
Sins of a Nation

Mary McLaughlin
Singing in Irish Gaelic

David McWilliams
The Pope's Children

Udo Middlemann
The Innocence of God

Ron Miller
Bradamant: The Iron Tempest (audio)

Christy Moore
One Voice: My Life in Song

Richard Moore
Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World

J.P. Morgan
The Copper Indian

David Morrell
Long Lost

Kate Mosse

Don Mullan
Eyewitness Bloody Sunday: The Truth

Fintan Murphy
Slender Toward the Sky

Simon Napier-Bell
Ta-Ra-Ra-Boom-De-Ay: The Dodgy Business of Popular Music

John O'Brien Jr.
Festival Legends: Songs & Stories

Mary O'Brien
Dicing with the Tide

Carol O'Connell
Mallory #1: Mallory's Oracle
Mallory #10: The Chalk Girl

Rosie O'Donnell
Find Me

James R. Olson
An Eagle Unchained

Roger Osborne

Jodi Picoult
Perfect Match
Vanishing Acts

John Pilger, editor
Tell Me No Lies: Investigative Journalism & Its Triumphs

Paulo J. Reyes

Tony Robinson
The Worst Jobs in History

Allen "Skip" Roth
Chainsaw's Justice

June Skinner Sawyers
Celtic Music: A Complete Guide

Jerry Silverman & Wayne Ebersen
Ballads & Songs of the Civil War

Carol Stober
Love Songs for Autoharp

Matthew Sweet
Inventing the Victorians

Minette Walters
The Devil's Feather

Terence Winch
Irish Musicians/American Friends

R.D. Wingfield
A Killing Frost

N.T. Wright
Judas & the Gospel of Jesus

Pints, Pounds & Pilgrims

The Shane MacGowan Story: If I Should Fall from Grace

Eric Bogle & John Munroe

Hanley, McCarthy & Sinnott

Eddi Reader

Pierce Turner


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