Gorman Del Greco,
Cafe Shadeaux
(AMP Recording, 1998)

Cafe Shadeaux marks an excellent start for Gorman Del Greco. Gorman Del Greco consists of Tom Del Greco and Tom Gorman, both of whom sing and play the guitar on the CD. Gorman also plays the bass and the piano, and both are skilled musicians. I just wish I knew what each one was doing on each song.

The musicians who back them up are also good, and include Alexander DePue on the violin and Sean Shacklett on drums.

The songs are for the most part beautiful, and it is a joy to listen to them. The lyrics and music blend together smoothly and most of the songs fit together in a neat package. The only one that does not quite fit is "The Baggage Claim" -- its tempo and music are sufficiently different that it sticks out the same way a two-story house sticks out on a street of bungalows, but compared to the flow and the beauty of the rest of the songs that is a minor nuisance. (That "The Baggage Claim" is also a good song also helps.)

The next song, "The Night of Mephisto," quickly brings you back to the mood and pace of the rest of the CD. It is a beautiful song, full of dark nights, opportunities and temptations. It is also a fitting end to the CD.

Some of the other highlights on the CD are "No More Tears Fall," a touching, wishful song, and "Fine Black Suit," which tells about several different people in different roles and shows a darker commonality. There is also an intriguing declaration in "Stay Out Late" and "Cafe Shadeaux," a song about the place which gave the album its name. The lyrics in these songs are wonderful and I would have loved to be able to read them as well.

As for the music, it is the simplicity you get when you have two to four people playing at any one time. (It might even be as low as one, but I don't know for sure.) They are great musicians with a wonderful acoustic sound.

Cafe Shadeaux is a great CD, another one to sit back with and enjoy.

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]

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