Mishi Donovan,
Journey Home
(SOAR, 2000)

The songs that Mishi Donovan serves up in Journey Home are intense songs from the heart. They are incredibly moving, due to both the lyrics and the music.

The musicians do a wonderful job, blending passion and talent to create a heady brew. There is Brandon Friesen (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, samples, traditional flute, keyboards, drum loops and sequencing), Brad Allison (bass), Todd Talbot (drums, percussion), Paul Scinocca (percussion), Chris Scales (violin, mandolin and acoustic guitar), Trevor Prairie Chicken (vocals, acoustic guitar and traditional flute), Janine Gobeil (backing vocals), James Creasey (steel guitar) and Justin Hartloper (keyboards, samples and sequencing). Donovan's voice is beautiful.

The CD starts off with the powerfully charged "Mahe'kun Waits for Me." There is a quiet sorrow in "Frozen Tears" and it touches the soul. "Moshom's Song" is a tribute that passes some words along. Then comes a song from the road with "Journey Home," which is also touched by sorrow. The sorrow turns to longing in "Nursery Rhymes," which uses fairy tales for its imagery.

"Humility (Amby)" is a heartfelt prayer. There is a core of strength in "Mountain Water" that is hard to explain. "Almost Broken (Mamawi)" is a song mourning that which has been lost. "The One for You" starts off with a chant and then kicks up a notch when the lyrics start. You are then greeted with a gentle song full of hope in "Southern Wind." This is followed up by "Stronghold," a song of encouragement.

We are told the story of two people in "Faith and Jessie." The CD closes off with two incredible songs. The first is "Who You Are, Who I Am," which slides between gently flowing to driven chorus. "Stand as One" opens slowly and then becomes an old feel good rock song and does it ever feel good.

Mishi Donovan has created a powerful CD with Journey Home. It will take you on a journey and leave you feeling good in the end.

[ by Paul de Bruijn ]
Rambles: 3 August 2002

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