Fallen Angel: Down to Earth
by Peter David, David Lopez (DC Comics, 2007)

I'm enjoying Peter David's IDW series Fallen Angel immensely -- and yet I can't help but wonder how the character would have developed if she'd continued on as a DC title.

Down to Earth is the second collection from Fallen Angel's brief run at DC, and it sets the title character, a.k.a. Lee, up as one of the most complex and interesting in the comics field.

Although her origins remain in doubt -- and we don't know why her feet don't touch the ground when she walks -- the red-shrouded Fallen Angel by night (and physical education teacher by day) is an enigma. Working here in pursuit of a blood-soaked shard of the True Cross, she proves herself willing to cross any line -- including torture -- to achieve her goals.

Is she a heroine? No doubt. But Lee's hands aren't always clean at the end of the day, and her motives aren't always pure. Anyone looking to her for help had better be prepared for the consequences.

Bete Noire, the delta city where Lee lives and works, is as much a character as the people in this book; it's far more intriguing than the Metropolis or Keystone City of other books, and I look forward to exploring its nooks and crannies with David over at IDW. The book also includes a flashback tale describing Lee's first meeting with her archfoe/lover Dr. Juris, the city magistrate, and how she came to live in Bete Noire.

Sadly, DC cancelled this series far too soon. While I'm happy to see it continue under another roof, I can't help but wonder how things would have gone had David -- and Lee -- stayed put.

review by
Tom Knapp

8 September 2007

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