Fiddlers 3,
(Sheezo, 2003)

The subtitle of this CD is "We dare you to keep your feet still" and I must admit that I could not -- even if I tried. With fiddles, accordion and percussion (spoons and washboard), here is a ceilidh band for the 21st century. Despite the surname Lozinski (which is not very Celtic) you would swear that you were listening to an Irish or Scottish band. They have a beautiful flowing style that draws you in and makes everyone feel Celtic for a while.

Opening with "Karley's Edge Medley," the Fiddlers 3 had me hooked and hopping. Try listening to "Redwing" at full volume without clapping along or stamping your feet. These are magic fiddles that make people with two left feet want to trip the light fantastic.

Traditional music aficionados may recognise the titles of most of these tracks and medleys. When I listen, I am blown away -- I just love them. "Star of County Down" is presented in a lovely waltz-time medley that slowed things down just enough to avoid getting a heart attack. Then it is back on "Cardiac Arrest Street" with the reels starting with "Mother's Reel." This flows into the set of jigs opening with "Miss Henderson's."

The "Soldier's Joy" medley brings us to the plains and a Celtic square dance. Thank God for "Mary Young & Fair," which again brought some decorum to proceedings and allowed my heartbeat to regularise. Then it was back to fabulous reels, jigs and all manner of mystical, musical magic.

In 12 excellent tracks, Fiddlers 3 can give you a workout that Jane Fonda would be proud of. You could feel the burn but would still cry out for more.

I cannot recommend this CD too highly, but get a medical check-up before you play it.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 14 February 2004

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