Fire in the Glen

Our third full-length CD,
Let the Wind Blow High!,

You can buy it at our shows, or you can order it by emailing the band. The CD is $10, plus $2 for shipping and handling if you order through the mail.

Track list:

 •  1. Reilly's Daughter
 •  2. The Day Dawns
         Sleep Soond ina Morning
 •  3. Donald, Where's Your Troosers
 •  4. Waking Alone
 •  5. Quarter Moon
         Kesh Jig
         Banish Misfortune
 •  6. Irish Rover
 •  7. From Amish to Irish
 •  8. Swallowtail Jig
         Rakes of Kildare
 •  9. Whup Jamboree
 • 10. Farewell to Whiskey
          Whiskey Before Breakfast
          Sally Gardens
 • 11. Come Out, Ye Black & Tans
 • 12. Courtin' in the Kitchen
 • 13. Smash the Windows
          Jig of Slurs
          Mug of Brown Ale
 • 14. Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye
 • 15. Scarce o' Tatties
          Lilting Banshee
          Scarce o' Tatties
 • 16. The Night Pat Murphy Died

Tom Knapp: fiddle, bodhran, backing vocals
Chet Williamson: lead and backing vocals, guitar

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Timothy Truman at Punkin' Studios, Lancaster, Pa.

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