Fire in the Glen

Irish By Inclination

Don't say I'm not Irish or I'll punch you right here,
The shamrock's my flower and Guinness my beer,
I might not be Irish as much as I wish,
But my love for the music is perfectly clear.
I'm Irish by inclination.

Tom's surely a Celt, it's a point he's quite firm on,
But he won't wear a kilt and his family's quite German.
He's wild and serene in the act of creation
He draws on the green for his inspiration.
He's Irish by inclination.


Don't think me too foolish when it comes to my kin,
My wife thinks I'm Polish, but I know where I've been.
My grandma's from Derry but I'm mostly Czech,
It's a burden I carry 'cause the music is dreck.
I'm Irish by inclination.


Don't worry too much if your bloodline ain't Celt,
If you're French, Swiss or Dutch, it's a spirit that's felt.
Draw the threads of all nations to Erin's proud shore,
Drink your pints in full rations and then holler for more.
We're Irish by inclination.


Lyrics by Tom Knapp, tune by Jason Mundok.

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