Give Way,
Lost in This Song
(Greentrax, 2009)

There may only be 10 tracks on Lost in This Song, but each one will hook the listener, and you will not want the track to end and neither will you want to reach the end of the album.

The new CD by Give Way is a finely tuned mixture of songs and instrumentals that also manages to magically mix the familiar with the new. It opens with a tinkling piano on the title track before drawing you into a deep vibrant sound. The marriage of the plaintive with the depth of modern musical excellence works to great effect.

"The Poaching Song" has the sentiment of the old ballad allied to the delivery of a 21st-century soft-rock band. I particularly liked "This One's on You," on which the backing is a little less marked and gives the vocals center stage and allows us appreciate the clarity of voice on offer.

The most intriguingly titled track has to be the beautifully rendered "Zander the Salamander." This is followed by a piece with yet another weird title, "Flipperfoot the Mugger."

The girls in the band bring us a lovely version of a better-known song on "Western Highway." Their delivery varies just enough to make it fresh without taking away from the melody we are more familiar with. They close proceedings with a version of another classic, "The Water is Wide."

The packaging is well produced, but once again perfection is missed by the lack of lyrics and perhaps some background information on the songs and the very interesting track titles.

review by
Nicky Rossiter

29 August 2009

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