Green Lantern versus Aliens
Ron Marz, script,
Rick Leonardi, pencils
(DC/Dark Horse, 2001)

It begins with the death of an alien Green Lantern on a distant world. Hal Jordan, the greatest GL, and and several others from the now-defunct GL Corps are dispatched to put down the alien menace. Of course they succeed with little effort, and in deference to Hal's vow against killing, they place the aliens on a "safe" world.

Cut to the present, and Kyle Rayner is the sole remaining Green Lantern. He is visited by some former GLs and their heirs who are compelled to undo the harm caused by leaving those aliens alive. They recruit Kyle's aid, since he bears the last ring.

The story that ensues is fairly predictable: hissing alien encounters, teeth, drool and acidic blood, alien eggs and host bodies, horrible deaths, a scantily clad female survivor, an android and, of course, a major moral dilemma. Hal Jordan, like Superman, refuses to take a life in even the most desperate of circumstances. Can Kyle Rayner do the same and allow the aliens to survive?

That's the crux of the story, and I won't spoil the ending by telling you what Kyle decides. All in all, this book should please most fans of both the Green Lantern and Aliens series.

[ by Tom Knapp ]
Rambles: 22 September 2001

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