The Green House Band,
(Market Square, 2003)

This band comprises some of the top players from the hey-day of folk-rock. That was a time when lovers of folk and traditional music joined forces with the tops in rock music to bring about a fusion that was to give new life to traditional songs and tunes and to introduce a new generation to the riches of that canon.

Who recalls Gryphon (medieval rock), Albion Band (folk-rock) and Fuschia (progressive rock)? Even if you don't, give this album a listen. Just looking at the arrangers on the tracks will tell you the impeccable pedigree of this collection. Arrangers include Jansch, Renbourn and McArthur.

The vocals of Madeleine Worrall are often reminiscent of Buffy St.-Marie but with a softer edge. Perhaps this is most obvious on the opening track "Reynadine."

My favourite track has to be "Blackwater Side" in an arrangement by Bert Jansch. Other excellent tracks include "The Snows" and "Geordie."

This is an album to listen to for the pleasure of hearing great songs and tunes performed to perfection. It is also something of a collector's item to treasure as it features so much from the recent history of folk music at its best.

- Rambles
written by Nicky Rossiter
published 24 October 2004