Crow Greenspun,
Blood & Decision
(I-Town, 2005)

Blood & Decision is an album of well written and expertly performed songs by New York-based singer-songwriter Crow Greenspun.

He is certainly versatile as we jump from a very sweet Americana sound on "It's No Secret" to a rap song on "Small Man of History." Then he returns us to a Midwestern feel on "Going Swimming" -- a lovely song.

But watch out, there is another surprise as this track closes and we enter "Los Colores." Not only does the language change but the delivery does, too. This effective song is mostly a spoken-word piece. "Half a Child" is a heart-rending song if you listen closely to the lyrics.

One of my favourites here is the wonderfully titled "Live on Tea," an unusual wishing-style song. The storytelling motif continues on a fabulous song with a beautiful delivery and simple backing called "Give Me the Life of a Hobo.""Blood and Decision," both the final and title track, is another well-written tale.

Despite the slightly jarring variety of genres on offer, I enjoyed this CD. The story-songs have a power that could produce some hits if they had a wider audience.

by Nicky Rossiter
4 February 2006

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